The language icons* help you

  • You understand a bit, but don’t speak it that well yet
  • You understand quite a lot and are also able to tell something
  • You understand a lot and speak it well

Then Parlangi is something for you!

*The language icons are developed for people who want to learn Dutch by ‘Huis van het Nederlands – Brussel’. Applicable for other languages as well. 


Contact your project coordinator in your municipality, school or organisation.

Below you can find all the project organizations.

Every project coordinator can register participants in a secured and unique project in the Parlangi network.

You don’t know who your project coordinator is?

See below at ‘Parlangi Projects’

There is no Parlangi project in your municipality, school or organization? 



In 2023, 2024 and 2025 youngsters from secondary school in Brussels will practice Dutch in one-on-one videochats with Flemish students. It’s fun. It’s meaningful. It’s educational. It’s Parlangi! This project is supported by the Flemish Government and by ‘Polsslag Brussel’. 

You are a Dutch-speaking secondary school in Brussels and want to give your students the change to practice Dutch with Parlangi?

You are a Flemish college or university and want to give your students the chance to practice their communication and pedagogical skills? 


From October 2022 till September 2026, we help at least 100 course participants at VDAB to practice Dutch every year. A group of trained and highly motivated Parlangi mentors share their knowledge, patience, empathy, interests… with them. Learning by doing… and caring for each other! As part of this project the mentors receive the training* for free. This project is a continuation and extension of a pilot project in 2019-2020.

* See ‘Workshops‘ for more information on our Parlangi 4M training program. 

In 2023 foreign language speaking employees from the IT department of VDAB, will practice Dutch with trained Parlangi mentors. 

You are registered at VDAB and want to practice Dutch via Parlangi? 

Contact your local VDAB advisor. 


Since 2019 inhabitants of the Brussels municipality Sint-Joost-ten-Node practice Dutch with Flemish mentors, mostly elderly, who like to share their knowledge and experience. Via the library ‘Bib Joske’ and the primary school ‘SJAZ’ participants, both adults and youngsters, can register to the Parlangi project and enjoy vivid conversations. 

You live in Sint-Joost-ten-Node and want to practice Dutch via Parlangi?

Contact Bib Joske via  


In Roeselare foreign language speaking newcomers can register via their municipality to practice Dutch with Parlangi mentors. This project started in 2022 and is still ongoing.

You live in Roeselare and want to practice Dutch via Parlangi?

Send an email to the project coordinator:

logo Lier


In 2023 and 2024 Lier uses the Parlangi service to connect inhabitants of Lier who want to practice Dutch with native speaking mentors. 

You live in Lier and want to practice Dutch via Parlangi or help others learn Dutch?

Contact the project coordinator:

VDAB IT Academy

In 2023 and 2024 foreign language speaking employees from the IT department of VDAB practice Dutch with trained Parlangi mentors. 

You work at the IT department of VDAB and want to practice Dutch via Parlangi? 

Contact your HR manager. 


In this project, together with the city of Brugge, we build bridges between native inhabitants of Brugge and foreign language speaking newcomers. Our goal: to make meaningful connections between citizens of the city and help language learners to practice Dutch. This project ran in 2022 and 2023. 

The project data which we are very proud of: 

  • a lot of happy juniors and mentors (49 mentors and 102 juniors were active during this 2 year period. 49 and 63, respectively, were in the Bruges project at the end of the project.)
  • a total of 1540 Parlangi connections
  • average of 15 conversations per week, 64 per month
  • and lots of constructive feedback, happy thoughts, positivity, instructive conversations and new friendships.


For the complete report (in Dutch): click on the image.


Pupils from both sides of the Belgian language border help each other practicing languages: Dutch and French in this project. The digital exchange is part of the school lesson programme.

Would you like to create your own school project and provide a meaningful and inspiring learning journey for your students?

Contact us via our contact page or fill in the form at the bottom of this page. 

Parlangi on Stage

Connecting French and Dutch speaking students in one on one video conversations: that’s the way the students learn each others language and culture. Building bridges between the different regions in our country is one of the main goals of this project, in collaboration with UCL and Belgium on Stage. 

Pilot projects

We organize several pilot projects (with for instance ‘Huis van het Leren’ and ‘BeCode’) which helps us to collect feedback, increase our impact on people’s lives and improve our project constantly. 

These organisations have already chosen to work with us


We work together with local authorities, civil society organizations, schools, non-for-profit organizations, senior organizations…
Together with our partners we build bridges between people of different nationalities, cultures, generations and backgrounds.
Our goal is to stimulate language learning through social contact and to increase the quality of life of our ‘Parlangi’.

Create your social learning project 

What are you looking for?

  • You are a teacher and would like to connect your students to native speaking mentors.
  • You work in an elderly organization and want to make sure the people you assist have meaningful social interactions
  • People in your organization need to learn a language in an efficient way.  
  • You want to help foreign language speaking newcomers to learn a new language.  And you want to give them access to a network of native speaking mentors to support them to integrate more effectively. 

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