The mission of Parlangi

Parlangi® connects people from different generations, cultures, nationalities and backgrounds.

We believe in the strength of social contact, in learning ánd in life.

Connect and learn

We connect people who want to learn a language with native language speaking mentors. We build bridges.

The five 'Parlangi rules'

Parlangi is based on the theory of the American Professor and linguist Stephen Krashen, who has done globally recognised research on second language acquisition.

We translated his five hypotheses into the “Parlangi rules”.

Following them is the best way to learn a language.



People learn faster when they feel relaxed and are comfortable. Be kind. Give compliments. Be polite. And enjoy listening and talking to each other.


Use comprehensible language

Try to understand each other. Use sign language, drawings, text… Be expressive.


Dare to make mistakes

Making mistakes is normal in a language learning process. Try. Fail. Try again… Until you get it right.


Be patient

Learning a language takes time. Take it step by step. Listening and reading a lot are the first steps. When you know a few words start using them.


Learn by doing

Learning is fun. Learn like a child learns its first language. Don’t focus on the rules. Communicate a lot: listen, read, talk and write. Practice is key.



Meaningful social contact:

– is the number one defining factor for a healthy life

– facilitates (language) learning


Our main goals: 

– to (re)activate people, and especially seniors, by putting trust in their knowledge, life wisdom and skills

– to improve language learning. Learning by doing, that’s the way to make it fun and meaningful

– to create a social learning network where people can connect and learn

We aim for sustainability

That’s why we are building a cooperative community. Individuals as well as organizations have the opportunity to become a partner by purchasing one or more shares. To become a cooperative partner: click here

Partners are supporters, co-owners and/or co-creators of the Parlangi network. 

The United Nations SDGs

The sustainable development goals of the United Nations are our guideline and we are proud to focus on six of them:

  1. Good health and well-being: The best way to stay healthy is to stay socially active and build relationships.
  2. Quality education: We learn by doing and by connecting learners to people with a lot of experience, life wisdom, knowledge and skills.
  3. Gender equality: All people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, age or background are equal.
  4. Reduced inequalities: By connecting people from different backgrounds, ages, cultures and nationalities we aim for an equal society.
  5. Sustainable cities and communities: We have deliberately chosen the legal structure of a cooperative venture because of its sustainable nature.
  6. Peace, justice and strong institutions: The best way to prevent prejudices and injustice is to connect people. Once people get to know ‘the other’ they are not afraid anymore of the unknown.
  7. Partnerships for the goals: We build partnerships to achieve our goals in a sustainable way.