Want to find out how the Parlangi® app works? Or how much it costs to use it?

Find the answers to these and other questions below. 

  • a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet 
  • a good internet connection
  • a wish to meet people online from other generations, cultures and nationalities to have inspiring conversations

Based on your profile information you will be able to connect to people who:

  • speak the language you want to learn
  • want to learn your native language
  • have the same question or offer as you
  • share interests

Not literally. The best way to learn a language is to communicate with native speakers. Parlangi provides meaningful connections to practise the language you want to learn. In real situations. In real conversations. About the topics you choose. Learning is fun. Especially when you can do it together. Follow the five Parlangi-rules that you can find in our mission and you will see everything will work out great! 

If you want to learn a language and are part of a project you can use Parlangi for free.

Individual participants can also participate, however the demand currently exceeds our supply.  Register here or via our Home page. We will notify you when we have found a match for you. If you also register as a mentor you increase your chances of a good match. 

When you register you get the chance to talk to friendly native speaking mentors who want to help you learn their language. On top of that you get a safe and easy to use app that respects your privacy and will not target you with advertisements or sell your user data. And as a plus you will be part of a social learning network where intrinsic motivation, kindness and learning by doing are key. 

The app is very easy to use. Take a look at our videos (in English, French or Dutch) via the links below.

After your login you can choose between three basic options:

  • Video chat: Choose someone you want to talk with out of the list of other Parlangi-users.
  • Agenda: Here you have an overview of all the planned conversations. Start your scheduled conversations here. 
  • Profile: Edit your profile. You will be able to connect to others that match your profile based on the information you provide. Your contact information is not visible to other users. Parlangi will use your email address to send you notifications if someone has asked you to have a chat.
  • Dashboard: Here you can follow your progress. How many conversations did you have, How long did you speak, what is your average evaluation score…


Watch our tutorial videos:


That is completely up to you! You decide when and how often you connect via Parlangi. If you want to learn a language, then you will have to practise of course. Being socially active is also very healthy. And it is just a lot of fun to help each other, get to know each other, have nice conversations together and learn at the same time. 

Let’s try these steps to get you going again:

  • Check your firewall settings: allow your camera and microphone to be used
  • Make sure your camera and microphone are not in use by another app
  • Clear your browser cache 

Tried everything and no magic yet? Please contact us. We will guide you step by step. 

Need more help with your digital tools? Our partner Beego can assist you. Contact us for a special Parlangi reduction code. 

You will not be able to upload a profile picture or see pictures of other users in the Parlangi network. For a clear reason: It’s our mission to connect people who might never meet in ‘real life’. Profile photos get in the way of that mission. Let yourself be surprised. You will see that people are people in one-on-one conversations. 

You can reset your password: click ‘Forgot your password’ and follow the instructions. If your login name (usually your email address) is correct you will receive a reste link via mail. 

You don’t have a Parlangi account yet. Register via our Home page. Part of a project? Your local project coordinator can help you. You can find contact details of project coordinators here

The first time you use Parlangi: surf to

You will be able to install the Parlangi app on your mobile device. If you allow this, you can start Parlangi just like any other app on your mobile device.