January 2018

By the end of 2017 ‘The Idea’ took form. Connecting generations for better learning and living, that’s what we are going to do. And we know how!

March 2018

In the first quarter of 2018 ‘Parlangi’ was born. It’s a new word in which you might recognize ‘language’. That’s because we see language and social contact as a facilitator for better learning and living. By communicating with each other you become smarter and healthier.


May 2018

Since May 2018 we are working passionately to make magic happen.

July 2018

The Parlangi cooperative is under construction, with the help of CERA . Sustainable and Lovable.

October 2018

Parlangi is selected by an expert jury. What can we count on? Intensive coaching, a great network of start-ups and mentors, accommodation in the center of Antwerp.

January 2019

Parlangi cvba-so is born. We are a cooperative with social goal. What does that mean? Parlangi is supported, owned and managed by you! Become a cooperative partner and be part of a sustainable and social network. 

February 2019

Supported by Interreg-Seas2Grow we will test and validate our platform, application and idea by connecting English and French seniors to Flemish juniors. We’re on a roll!

May 2019

Together with our innovative partner LAB in Sint-Amands we are connecting their students with English and French speaking seniors. 

October 2019

VDAB and Parlangi will join forces to connect foreign language speaking jobseekers to experienced Flemish seniors.

November 2019

Parlangi is active in Ghent, Hasselt, Mechelen and Koksijde. We train language coaches and build a learning network together with local authorities. 

December 2019

Let's connect French speaking youngsters from SJTN in Brussels with Flemish seniors! We are building bridges between generations, cultures and backgrounds. Connect and learn. That's our mission!