Become a Parlanga or Parlango

- January 1, 2018 -

Parlangi® is a ‘cooperative society with social purpose’ or ‘CVBA – SO’ for friends. You can support our mission by becoming a Parlanga or Parlango.

  • What is a Parlanga / Parlango?  A Parlanga or Parlango is a cooperative participant of Parlangi CVBA – SO. You can recognize them easily: they smile a lot, are friendly and have the heart and mind in the right place. 
  • Who can become a Parlanga / Parlango? Everyone who supports our mission. Individuals, schools, senior organizations, municipalities … can buy shares of Parlangi CVBA – SO. Once you’ve done that you become a smiling, friendly, clever and caring Parlanga or Parlango. 
  • How do you become a Parlanga / Parlango? By bying one or more shares. Click in the menu on ‘membership’ and become a Parlanga or Parlango in 4 easy steps. ‘