Parlangi is a cooperative enterprise. It’s supported, maintained and built by its partners. The choice is yours. You can support our mission financially, become a mentor, be an ambassador, work with us … one of these things … or everything at the same time. It’s fully up to you. 

Individuals can become a partner, as well as organizations such as schools, senior organizations, elderly care institutes, municipalities and other enterprises who want their members to be able to enjoy the services of Parlangi. 

Check ‘partnership’ in the menu for more info on why and how to become part of the Parlangi network. 

Ad Geudens
Hans Verrijcken

Parlangi was founded by Hans Verrijcken and Ad Geudens, two complementary and passionate people.

  • Passionate about the mission of Parlangi.
  • Passionate about social entrepreuneurship. 
  • Passionate about creativity.
  • Passionate about people.

Hans is an experienced IT wizard and entrepreneur. Ad has profound experience in education and creative problem solving.